Employee Spotlight: Nick, Content Team Lead

Meet the faces behind HEBS Digital’s in-house marketers and learn a few of their favorite aspects of work and travel.

Nick Papa, Content Team Lead

What’s your role at HEBS Digital and what do you do?

I’m the Content Team Lead at HEBS Digital. I oversee the team that writes and edits all the copy for our client’s websites, emails, social media channels, and more.

What did you do before working at HEBS Digital?

I worked at a boutique hospitality marketing agency focusing on luxury and lifestyle hotels. Before that, I worked at OTAs for five years, including leading content creation and strategy at Booking.com for all New York City hotels.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Our client portfolio is wide and varied, from global brands to boutique properties and non-hotel accommodations. Every day is a new and fun challenge to reach different audiences and convince them to book direct, whether it’s through a 300-word blog post or a three-word banner ad.

What’s your favorite hotel you’ve ever stayed at and why?

Volkshotel in Amsterdam. It embodies everything a hotel should be for the millennial traveler. More than a bed and continental breakfast, it’s a place people go to meet, eat, drink, and sleep. From the co-working spaces in the lobby to the rooftop bar and restaurant, it’s seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the city—a place for locals as well as visitors. Bonus points: It’s located in the old (now refurbished) de Volkskrant newspaper factory—perfect for architecture lovers.

What’s an essential item you can’t travel without?

My mom’s college ID from the ’80s and my dad’s Italian horn necklace. My parents have always inspired me to see the world from new and different perspectives. I like to bring that with me whenever I’m far from home.

Source: FS – All – Hotels – News
Employee Spotlight: Nick, Content Team Lead