Hotel El Ganzo Invites Visitors to San Jose del Cabo with New, Creative Hotel Website

Hotel El Ganzo is far more than a hotel, it’s a headspace. The
unique property worked with HEBS Digital to design a custom website
that brings the creative aspects of their San Jose del Cabo hotel
online, with a goal to attract artists, musicians, filmmakers, and
more to the shores of the Sea of Cortez.

Inspired by the distinctive art and music offerings at El Ganzo,
the new homepage welcomes guests to “a space of inspiration,” a
hipster-style hacienda hangout that’s anything but a scripted
hotel experience. From artisan meals to hand-crafted cocktails and
live music performances, El Ganzo is an experiential trip in and of

Built on HEBS Digital’s award-winning smartCMS® platform, the
website is fully-optimized for travelers at all stages of the
booking process. In the dreaming phase, users are transported to
San Jose del Cabo with bright colors, quirky illustrations, and
destination imagery. Those in the planning phase enjoy easy-access
to room types directly from the homepage, as well as to dining and
drinking experiences. When it’s time to book, exclusive offers
encourage users to complete their reservation. After check-in, a
cultural calendar gives users yet another reason to return to the
website as they experience El Ganzo.

A custom landing page was created to spotlight on-property dining at El Ganzo,
with options ranging from a rooftop sushi bar to Ganzo Downstairs
– a contemporary dining experience featuring locally-sourced
dishes. Another custom landing page was designed to house their
arts and music
, including a cultural calendar, videos from the El
Ganzo sessions, and a social feed that brings in fresh content from
the #elganzomusic hashtag.

“HEBS was wonderful at adapting to our needs and closely
maintaining El Ganzo´s DNA of Art and Music on our new website,”
said Ella Messerli, General Manager. The new El Ganzo website is a
perfect example of how beauty and science work hand in hand to
create an engaging, memorable booking experience.

Check out the Hotel El
website or see
more websites
in the HEBS Digital portfolio.

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Hotel El Ganzo Invites Visitors to San Jose del Cabo with New, Creative Hotel Website