Just Back From: Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s quirky, it’s old, and it’s one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Set on rocky hills overlooking the sea, Edinburgh is a city of history and high culture. HEBS Digital CEO, Pete Seidenberg, explored the Scottish capital and surrounding countryside. Here’s what he discovered.

What did you like most about Edinburgh?

I loved the old-world charm of the city. With medieval touches all around, like the imposing Edinburgh Castle overlooking the city, it’s hard not to be blown away.

Where would you take a first-timer in this city?

I would take them to Edinburgh Castle. This historic fortress was first built in the Iron Age and is one of Scotland’s most popular attractions. It’s set high above the city and boasts some pretty incredible views.

What is one thing that a first-timer can’t miss?

The Scottish Highlands. First timers absolutely have to rent a car, at least for a day, and make the 2- or 3-hour drive — be careful, they drive on the opposite side of the road.

What was your favorite dish?

I’ll admit, I didn’t have the courage to try haggis — the traditional Scottish dish made from sheep’s stomach and a variety of other things. My favorite dish was the UK classic — fish and chips.

Tell us about the locals.

The Scottish can drink! And with that, they like to have fun. There’s never a dull moment at the pub, surrounded by the locals.

Name something in Edinburgh that you wish you had at home.

I wish we had more big groups of crazy football (soccer) fans. The World Cup was happening while I was there and it was amazing how everyone got so into the games.

What are five words that describe this city?

Historic, castle, Potter (as in Harry Potter), cobblestone, and cashmere.

Source: FS – All – Hotels – News
Just Back From: Edinburgh, Scotland