Meet TOPHOTELNEWS Leader Bernhard Bauhofer


At the recent TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event in Zurich, Switzerland on December 5th, we caught up with , founder, and CEO of Sparring Partners. Here’s what he had to say about his career, highlights, and predictions for the hospitality industry.

Sterling reputation at Sparring Partners

is the founder and CEO of Sparring Partners. As a consultant in reputation management, he works with stakeholders and representation drivers to ensure that brands are reinforcing their reputation by paying attention to key areas such as quality, service or price. Although now based in Switzerland, Bauhofer says that one of his biggest career highlights was moving to Colombia, where he was working with a US ad agency who was working in Bogota. At the time, Colombia was a tricky place to be, and following his time there, he went to Miami. In Miami, he managed the business development for the entire group, quite the challenge, and is proud of the time he spent abroad because of the cultural and professional hurdles he had to conquer outside of his native country.

Industry challenges

Bauhofer says that one of the biggest challenges in business, in general, is transparency. Customers, guests, and clients are given transparency in terms of pricing, quality, and ratings, so it makes it hard for the company to operate outside this sphere. This puts a bigger demand on the hotel to continuously produce a service of exceptional standard, and the customer is now in the position where they have lots of other options, including promotions and deals in other hotels. So he sees the challenge as of how to maintain interesting rates and margins for clients while still running a successful hotel business. He also thinks that younger generations should be tapped into in order to develop new and innovative solutions. He thinks that this is where hotels can alter their traditional static approach to hotel management and break the mold on what they have been doing for years.

Industry outlook

Although he admits that it is difficult to predict the future of any industry, does say that he thinks differentiation within the industry is important. That 5, 6 or 7-star hotels exist for an elite group of people who have the money and time to spend with them. He also says that standardized, globally recognized hotels that clients can afford should also be maintained, and in that way, a wide range of hotels will be available to a larger customer base. He also stresses the importance of experiential hospitality, where the guest can feel like they have gotten a truly memorable moment out of their hotel stay. He sees the future in outside investment from different sectors, but it will be challenging to still create profitable margins.

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Meet TOPHOTELNEWS Leader Bernhard Bauhofer