Product Spotlight: Reservation Abandonment Application Suite

The Problem

Studies show that more than 95% of hotel website visitors abandon the booking process. With the average traveler’s journey to a decision to book lasting 17 days, during which they visit 18 websites across eight different sessions, it’s increasingly difficult for hotels to ensure they are the final touchpoint before a booking is complete.

The Solution: Reservation Abandonment Application Suite

With the Reservation Abandonment Application Suite (RAAS), the property website recovers what would have been lost revenue by converting lookers into paying hotel guests. First, a reservation abandonment banner, including enticing messaging to prompt the user to complete the booking, is immediately served when a user exits the booking engine. Next, after a few days, a reservation reminder email is sent directly to the potential guest’s inbox with a deep link to pick back up right where they left off in the booking process.

The Guest

The target guests are highly qualified website visitors who have initiated a booking. These travelers have shown interest and are very low in the conversion funnel. While they still may be shopping around, RAAS entices these website visitors with compelling messaging and offers to encourage them to return and complete the booking process.  


The Benefits

  • Boost website conversion rates and bookings
    • Turn highly qualified website visitors into guests by making sure they complete a booking when they land on the site.
  • Win back users who have abandoned the booking process
    • Users abandon the booking process for many reasons. Win them back with email retargeting so the hotel stays top of mind.
  • Steal share from the OTA’s
    • By encouraging direct online bookings, not only will market share be taken away from OTAs, the property will lower their overall cost of sale.

The Proof

A highly-competitive Santa Fe, New Mexico luxury hotel needed to reach their current website visitors who weren’t completing bookings. The property worked with HEBS digital to implement reservation abandonment tools that would retain these users that they had worked so hard to get, resulting in the following:

  • 434 bookings recovered in a one-year period
  • 58X return on their investment (5,882%)
  • Increase in revenue from those bookings that would have otherwise been lost

Source: FS – Hotels! Home
Product Spotlight: Reservation Abandonment Application Suite