STAAH & A Premier Connection

STAAH’s growing network of properties is benefiting from its Premier Connectivity Status with But what does status mean for your business as a STAAH customer? Let’s explore.

From a small Dutch start-up to one of the world’s largest travel e-commerce platforms booking more than 1.55 million room nights every 24 hours across more than 128,000 destinations, is hardly a platform you’d ignore in your distribution mix.

The recently released 2017 booking statistics by STAAH show the continued benefit of the platform for its customers. For this reason it remains among the many channels STAAH is 100% invested in and continually developing the connection for the benefit of its customers. The company now holds the prestigious Premier Partner status with

“It’s important to us that our connectivity partners are invested in the success of their customers,” says Tracey Foxall, Regional Manager Oceania,

STAAH is a Premier Partner with which means we can trust our accommodation partners are getting the best integration to our services, the most stable of connections and the most up-to-date features that help maximise performance on

Commenting on the Premier Status, STAAH Founding Director Gavin Jeddo says, “In an increasingly-complex and competitive world, it is imperative that as distribution specialists we define best practice and continually update to be relevant and help our accommodation partners stay on top of their game.”

Our Premier Status with is a reflection of this philosophy where we continually hone our technology to make the most of this very important channel.

Among the top reasons that set STAAH apart from other channels are its ability to support three of’s key features that enable accommodation providers to make the most of it. Here’s how these benefit you.

Reporting API

This API allows your properties to report crucial reservation information and adjustments to using the STAAH platform. This information includes reporting invalid credit card details and no shows. Since uses this information to adjust commission invoiced to the property, it helps properties keep closer control on reservation changes and make quick and seamless adjustments.


  • Seamlessly report no-shows and invalid cards directly from within STAAH.
  • Enables a seamless flow of information between the property and
  • Ensures that commission adjustments are made promptly.
  • Increases guaranteed bookings by reporting invalid credit cards details in time.

Visibility Booster

This feature offers you a way to boost your property visibility whenever you choose to. You can increase commission on certain dates to stand out more on


  • More exposure to guests.
  • Increase reservations.
  • Target specific dates based on your revenue strategy.

Reservation Summary

This feature syncs all existing and upcoming reservations between the and the property’s systems. This ensures a simple, straightforward onboarding process when properties connect to STAAH. There is not manual reservation loading so is and helps avoid possible overbookings that come with manual migrations.


  • Instant Reservation migration, saving time and resources for properties.
  • Prevents inaccurate reservation loading, helping avoid customer dissatisfaction and other issues that come with traditional slow manual migrations.

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STAAH & A Premier Connection